What our clients are saying

“Our 12-year old son is an aspiring young quarterback. He has been training with Coach Wexler for the past year. During that time we’ve seen tremendous improvement not only in his mechanics, speed, strength and technique but in his attitude and approach to the game. He was recently named to a regional team that will compete nationally and we owe a great deal of that success to coach Wexler. Mike loves the game and his enthusiasm, knowledge and instruction have given our son the confidence and the tools he’ll need to achieve his goals. Thanks Mike!”

Matt and Debbie Frost, Naples FL

“I have really enjoyed getting to know Mike over the past couple of years. He is a diligent worker who displays great enthusiasm. I admire the way and he interacts with his players and the relationships he develop with them. Mike is a dedicated, hard working, very bright, and
innovative football coach.”

Marc Lubick, Vanderbilt University (Asst. Coach / Offensive TE Coach)

“Coach Wexler is one of the finest men and coaches I have ever known. Coach Wexler’s commitment and passion for the sport of football is unmatched and the dedication to his players feverish and unwavering!

I strongly support Coach Wexler in his endeavor. I believe this is a great way for football players to sharpen their skills as well as meet new people in the sport and make great contacts!

My highest accolades to Coach Wexler and Skill Position Pride!!”

Edward Lopez, Miami Coral Park High School

“Being coached by Coach Wexler for only 1 year, I will say it was one year that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. On the field Coach Wexler taught me how to let myself play the game naturally and when a mistake was made to put it behind me, short memory! There’s always the next play, he used to preach. He created an atmosphere that as a player I truly hope that another young player gets to enjoy the same experience that I had. As a senior in high school I earned All State honors, finishing 2nd behind Tim Tebow for being named Mr. Florida. I was Miami-Dade County’s player of the year.

Without the coaching and guidance provided by Coach Wexler it would not have been possible. He is a coach that is personal with his players and in today’s sports world is hard to find. 2010 will mark my senior year at CSU and even at the D-I college level, I have yet to have a coach be as influential in my life as Coach Wexler has.

Along with his excellent X’s & O’s quality, he was a great leader for our program off the field, steering us in the right direction. Coach Wexler and I continue to share a very unique and special relationship as he was my coach, mentor and now my life-long friend.”

John Mosure, Colorado St. (RB)

“Coach Wex was my high school football running’s backs coach, for my junior and senior year. When I transferred to Barron Collier I shortly found out that Coach was the type of person that was approachable, you could go to him about anything that was bothering you on or off the field he was a just a genuine guy.

As a coach, coach Wex really knew how to relate to his players in a ways that we respected him as our coach. I just remember a time when coach called me just to talk to me about my progress on the field and how I was settling in the new program, he really knew how to relate to his players and make them feel like family.

He had unique ways of coaching us different football skills, nothing we did was an ordinary drill he knew how to keep us engaged and interested to keep learning. Over all as a person and a coach, Coach Wex really knew how to make every player feel like we were all one big unit.”

Torrey Campbell, University of Iowa (DB)

“Coach Wexler is probably one of the most influential coaches that I have had to this day. Coach taught me and many others so many valuable lessons, not only on the football field, but in life as well. I played quarterback for Christopher Columbus High School while Coach Wexler was there and now I am currently playing the same position for the University of Louisiana.

Coach Wexler is extremely determined to get the best out of his player’s everyday in practice. He demands nothing but your best effort day in and day out. He is never the type of coach to get in your face if you do something wrong; rather he talks to you about what you did wrong and coaches you up in a calm manner. I think that this approach is rare to find nowadays, but his coaching style is extremely effective. He is very respectful to everyone around him. Coach Wexler I had a great player/coach relationship. That is why to this day I can say that he is a close friend of mine.”

Chris Masson, University of Louisiana Lafayette (QB)

“Coach Wexler has played a great role in my career, not only as a coach but as a mentor. His “get it done” attitude has inspired me to be the best. My senior year at Barron Collier HS, Coach Wexler helped me break records, make headlines, and become a better leader.

Off the
field, Coach Wexler continued to push me in the classroom as well as prepping me for life. Coach Wexler is a guy that I know I can rely on and help me with any type of personal challenge. Coach Wexler is one of those mentors that you’ll always keep around.”

Quin Thornton, Georgia Military/Appalachian St. (ATH)

Working with Coach Wexler has been great in my son Evan’s development both as a quarterback and as a leader on the football field. The amount of passion and attention to detail put forth by Coach Wexler in developing him is truly unrivalled.

I would highly recommend Coach Wexler’s services to anyone looking for someone to help improve their skill and technique. It has been great watching the success Evan has had putting to use what Coach Wexler has worked with him on. It has been a great experience for my family and I especially Evan and we look forward to working with Coach Wexler for years to come.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

The Rodriguez’s, Naples FL

“I am currently playing college football at Southern Illinois University; therefore, been around some well known coaches. I had the chance to be involved with Coach Wex. I was able to create a bond with Coach Wex as he was our RBs coach. He taught me a special teams craft in PAT/FG holding that enabled me to get on the field as a true freshman for SIU. He is very respectful to his players and he always got his in return. He is a one of a kind guy who is extremely passionate about the game and you can easily sense that he loves doing what he does. I assure you that he is going to send many more kids to play college football. Coach Wex is one of the most influential people that I have ever been involved with in football and in my personal life. Coach and I still talk to this day and he will always be a part of my life. “
Matt Guinn, Southern Illinois University (WR)

“Coach Wexler has been a profound, inspiring influence on our son. He has worked with our son in one-on-one personal training sessions as well as small group sessions on a regular basis for several years now.

We have seen our son grow not only in skills, but more importantly, in confidence, character and maturity. Michael Wexler is a superior role model for any young athlete or student and we are very fortunate to have him in our child’s life.”

David G. – Naples, FL

“Coach Wexler was a great RB coach that helped me out tremendously my senior year of high school. He helped me get to where I’m at today and I’m forever thankful for that..”

Greg Williams, University of Pittsburgh (LB)