Q: Where does Skill Position Pride Take Place?
A: It takes place wherever you’d like, I come to you
Q: How long is a session?

A: Each session is 1 hour long but you may opt for a ½ hour

Q: Is there a limit on how many sessions my child can have?
A: There are no limits as to how many times you want your child to attend
Q: Do I need to provide my child with his own equipment?
A: All you have to provide for your child is preferably football cleats, All field equipment is supplied by me
Q: How much is 1 session?
A: Contact me directly as it’s subject to change based on travel expenses
Q: Do you have a brother/sister or family package?
A: Yes, every participant after the 1st will be discounted
Q: How do I know what position my child is good at?
A: We will focus on all 3 positions and then determine what he/she is good at or likes better
Q: Is there a consent form that I need to sign prior to my child participating?
A: Yes, I am working on having a consent form link tied into the website. In the mean time, I will provide you with a hard copy prior to the 1st or 2nd session.
Q: How does this prepare my child to excel?
A: Simply put, 1-on-1 coaching and instruction. Your child will be coached in a meticulous way that is rarely offered in a program. What they take from this will put them in a great situation to succeed with their team
Q: Will working on speed and footwork be emphasized?
A: Yes, absolutely! That’s a huge part of the game.
Q: Does a child need prior football experience to attend the camp?
A: Each private session is OPEN to all kids ages 6-13 with a passion for the game of football and a will to learn and have fun. Since each session is a non-contact session no prior experience is necessary