Mike Wexler

Skill Position Pride

“The difficult we do first,The impossible takes a little longer.”

“Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

The purpose of Skill Position Pride is to provide its participants the opportunity to improve their skills and learn to truly appreciate the game of football.


Under the guidance of Mike Wexler, each participant will come away with a greater understanding of his/her skill position as well as the pagentry of the game.

Football 101

Based on a knowledge, time and proper coaching, the instruction the player’s receive will accelerate their natural athletic ability and enable them to perform their best.

Players Coached

SPP is designed to meet every player’s needs at their skill position.


Skill Position Pride plays host to coaching clinics and speaking events from those close to the game.

What our clients are saying

“Our 12-year old son is an aspiring young quarterback. He has been training with Coach Wexler for the past year. During that time we’ve seen tremendous improvement not only in his mechanics, speed, strength and technique but in his attitude and approach to the game. He was recently named to a regional team that will compete nationally and we owe a great deal of that success to coach Wexler. Mike loves the game and his enthusiasm, knowledge and instruction have given our son the confidence and the tools he’ll need to achieve his goals. Thanks Mike!”

Matt and Debbie Frost, Naples FL

“Coach Wexler has been a profound, inspiring influence on our son. He has worked with our son in one-on-one personal training sessions as well as small group sessions on a regular basis for several years now. We have seen our son grow not only in skills, but more importantly, in confidence, character and maturity. Michael Wexler is a superior role model for any young athlete or student and we are very fortunate to have him in our child’s life.”

David G. – Naples, FL

“Coach Wexler is one of the finest men and coaches I have ever known. Coach Wexler’s commitment and passion for the sport of football is unmatched and the dedication to his players feverish and unwavering!

I strongly support Coach Wexler in his endeavor. I believe this is a great way for football players to sharpen their skills as well as meet new people in the sport and make great contacts!

My highest accolades to Coach Wexler and Skill Position Pride!!”

Edward Lopez, Miami Coral Park High School