On the Field: On the Field:
Making the Break, Release, Stance, Starts, Fade Stance and Starts: 2-pt and 3-pt Stance, Screen Steps
3-Step Game, 5-Yard Out, Speed Cut and Regular Regular Screen, Middle Screen
5-Yard Slant, 5-Yard Hitch Hand-Offs and Footwork Run Blocking
Catching Drills, 5-Step Game, Curl, 10-Yard Out Iso on ILB, Kick Out of DE, Lead on OLB
Post, Comeback Blitz Protection: Take on ILB vs. Blitz, Take on OLB vs. Blitz
Bubble Screen, Slip Screen Pass Blocking, Sprint-Out Block on DE, 3-Step Block on DE
Hitch-Smash Combo, Fade-Seam Combo Catching Drills: Flair, Flat, Delay, Wheel
Footwork Drills Chalk Talk (Ages 12 & 13):
Hitch, Quick Out, Curl, Hook, Post Corner, Dig, Fly Leadership, Mental Progression
Quick Out, Drag, Corner, Circle Delay Identifying Defensive Fronts
Chalk Talk (Ages 12 & 13): 5-2 Defense
Leadership, Mental Progression 4-3 Defense
Strength and Weakness of Coverage 4-4 Defense
Cover 3 Zone   Video on Defensive Fronts  
How to Attack Cover 3  
Combo Routes vs. Cover 2  
View Film Coverage  
Identifying Fronts  
5-2 Defense,  
4-3 Defense  
4-4 Defense  
Video on Defensive Fronts  

On the Field:
Fundamentals of the release
Drills to develop the release
Drills to develop the footwork
QB steps and footwork
1-step drop Sprint out
3-step drop – under center and gun
5-step drop – under center and gun
Screens and Zone Boot
3-step passing game from shotgun
5-step passing game from shotgun
3-Step under center and shotgun:
  • Quick out – Hitch combo
  • Slant – Flat combo
  • Hitch – Seam combo

5-Step under center and shotgun:

  • Curl – Flat combo
  • Flat – 10 yd Out combo

On the field throwing routes vs. Cover 2

  • Hitch – Smash Combo
  • Fade
  • Fade - Seam Combo
Bubble Screen
Iso playaction throwing curl
Draw – drop back action
Waggle Boot – I and Wing-T
Screen and zone boot
Chalk Talk (Ages 12 & 13):
Developing the complete quarterback
The importance of character
The benefits of character
Integrating character
Dealing with pressure
Dealing with mistakes
Recovering from failure
Playing with confidence and courage
The importance of communication
Setting an example
How to prepare
Overcoming adversity
Getting the most out of your players