Coach Wexler

My name is Mike Wexler and I have been coaching football and skill position players for 22 years. My career started in 2000 when I was hired at a school in my hometown of Miami. Since then, I’ve grown tremendously as a person as a well as a football coach to have made a successful career out of it.

Along the way, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have coached for great coaches and great programs but the most important asset that I take from this profession is the growth, maturity, and relationship between the players. Football is engrained in my persona thanks to the athletes that I have coached along the way.

The amount of time and effort that a football coach puts in is put into perspective when on a fall Saturday afternoon, I can turn on the TV and watch 2 or 3 of the players that I coached perform for their respective Division I (FBS) schools.

  • 2000-2002 – (6A) G. Holmes Braddock High School, Miami, FL
  • Hired by Coach Frank Rojas
  • Served as JV Offensive Coordinator & Varsity QBs Coach
  • 2003 – (6A) John A. Ferguson High School, Miami, FL
  • Hired by Coach Gene Chew
  • Was a part of the Inaugural Staff and program
  • Served as RBs & LBs Coach
  • 2005 – (6A) Columbus High School, Miami, FL
  • Hired by Coach Chris Merritt
  • Served as RBs Coach
  • 1st Undefeated team (10-0) in 46 years of school history
  • District Champs
  • Ranked #2 in the class 6A State Poll
  • Coach John Mosure / Miami-Dade Counties’ Player of the Year / 1st team all state
  • 2006-2010 – (3A) Barron Collier High School, Naples, FL
  • Hired by Billy Sparacio / Retained by Coach Mark Ivey
  • Serve as RBs Coach
  • 3 time District Champs
  • Coached Greg Williams, Mitch MacClugage, Quin Thornton and Torrey Campbell
  • 2014-present – Community School of Naples Head Middle School Coach
  • Turned a winless and scoreless program in 2014 to a 6-2 program in 2015
  • Currently the only football program to beat our down the road rival FBA
  • 2014 lost to ECS 42-0 / 2015 beat ECS 54-13
  • 2014 lost to Marco Island 28-0 / 2015 best Marco island 16-7
  • 2014 lost to FBA 35-0 / 2015 beat FBA 39-0